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Dzeko to Juventus: Is The Deal Done?

On behalf of the Juventus community worldwide...ladies, gentleman, your honor(s), I'd like to present our case:


Exhibit A:

Juventus have sold the Brazilian playmaker Diego to Wolfsburg on Friday for €15.5m (£12.7m), almost €10m less than they paid for him last year. Wolfsburg said the player's contract would run until 2014. "Juventus announce that an agreement has been finalised with Wolfsburg for the sale of Diego for €15.5m," a Juve statement said. [Heavily rumored this low price was down payment and/or option for Dzeko in the future.]

Exhibit B:

Edin Dzeko- "I cannot hide my disappointment at not moving to Juventus. I believed until the last moment that Wolfsburg and the Bianconeri would reach an agreement above all when the two clubs opened talks for Diego. Unfortunately it didn't go how I wanted it to."

Exhibit C:

Diego- "Dzeko is one of the best strikers in the world and I would be happy to play alongside him for a long time, but I know Edin has an option to move to Juventus in the summer. And I think that things will go just in this way. In this case I wish him good luck."

Exhibit D:

Salihamidzic- [paraphrased] "I hear from Dzeko almost every day. The other day we spoke for about 30 minutes, he asked about Torino and Juventus. But he is totally focused on Wolfsburg right now. [When further pressed] If he doesn't come to Torino, he's a liar."

Exhibit E:

Dzeko's agent, grinning during an interview- "I don't have this information. (about the transfer) I heard from Marotta about 4 months ago, but since then I have had no contact. Diego's remarks? (continuing to smile) I don't know, I can say in January, Dzeko certainly will not move. [Juve has no non-EU spots open for January...] In June? We'll see, for now he's only thinking about doing well at Wolfsburg."

The prosecution rests.