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Podcast: Episode Seven- So Amauri, Marchisio, Giovinco & Cassano Walk Into A Bar…

Today’s podcast analyses the Lecce game; what went wrong, what went right & why. Then we bring our (very) different opinions on various players- Amauri, Marchisio, and Giovinco. Is Amauri good enough for Juventus? Who should play in the center, Marchisio or Aquilani? Is Giovinco overrated? We tackle these questions, some of which were suggested by you. (We love to hear feedback, either here in the comments section or at juveshow [at] gmail (dot) com. Feedback, suggestions for debate, all are helpful)

We conclude talking briefly about Red Bull Salzburg (a segment introduced by Adam as I apparently have an unhealthy Sturm Graz fixation), displaying our impressive knowledge on the topic (it’s not) before briefly touching on the Bologna question.

Following last weeks ramble to fill the International break this is much more focused, at the expense of any Luciano Gaucci related madness.


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