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Andrea Agnelli pens another letter to the Juventini

Dear supporters,

This first part of the season has often been accompanied by controversy, opinions and in some cases proper attacks on Juventus and its history. In a few hours time the curtain will rise on a match which has always played an important part in the history of football. It is a history for us Juventini made of passion and very often victories which were always achieved with merit on the field.

The chit chat of recent months contributed to the raising of voices, often mixing the roles. It is time to think of the present.

It is a time in which the shareholders and the management are on the one side busy safeguarding and defending the club’s colours everywhere, with the right instruments and in the most correct and transparent way, and on the other hand are concentrating everyday in order to put the players in a condition to offer a performance of a level which suits Juventus.

It is a time in which the supporters, with a sense of responsibility higher than that of certain managers, are supporting their team even in difficult moments, without falling to useless exaggerations and violence that would stain the joint effort of all those who have Juventus at heart: footballers, coaches, directors, employees and millions of supporters.

It is a time which has lasted 113 years and which will continue even after these 90 minutes during which we will have to be loyal supporters in order to get back to our work: Juventus will continue to do so in all the competent places so as to assure that the reasons of everyone are heard and evaluated with dignity.

Forza Juve,
Andrea Agnelli

Forza Juve e Forza Andrea Agnelli, uno di noi!!