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D-Day Awaits...


«Unfortunately we missed out on another of the season’s objectives. The situation is difficult and for this reason we are sad, but we have been conscious of this for a number of weeks. Tomorrow we will make known our decision».

A pretty damning statement. Given Blanc's ominous words, the Calcio newspapers are in overdrive proclaiming that Ferrara will be sacked tomorrow. I don't know why, but I think I have a radar for when the coach will truly be sacked...for some reason the Atalanta game last season just smacked me and said, "This game is Ranieri's last," despite many poor games before that. I didn't think the board would can him after the Roma game, but it was obviously getting close, it does not appear Ciro can right the ship. Today was a confirmation, and Blanc's words obvious indicate a change is coming, I get that feeling as well. They already had their "crisis meeting" in which they confirmed Ciro...I don't get the feeling they will be coming out of the meeting tomorrow backing him. There's a lot of problems in the team beyond Ciro, but sacking the coach is easier than forcing Blanc+co to resign...or overhauling the team immediately.

Ciro is taking this in stride, classy as ever-

«Up until now nobody has told me anything, so as far as I know I’ll lead tomorrow’s training session. Whoever does this job can make mistakes and we are subject to criticism. Tomorrow I will be regularly in Vinovo unless there are any indications tonight».

I do wonder if the team has any successor lined up...or if there's going to be a week or two under a caretaker coach, which I think would be quite harmful. Is the successor going to be in charge for the next 5 months, or is this going to be a long term thing? Whatever the changes, whoever takes in charge...this'll be our 5th head coach in 5 years. Not good.