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I'm Exhausted.

It's getting really tough to watch our guys out there these days. I see the effort, but the quality is so sorely missed I honestly feel bad for the few trying to carry this team out of the dark. In short, I recommend every Juventus supporter drastically reduce your expectations this season, and possibly the next couple, if your hoping for something better than fourth place. Trust me, it's for your own good.

As we look to enter a restructuring phase that will take some time, remember, gone are the days of dominance and glory so we must look towards a total shift in management before any solid base can begin forming. Our club is on very unsteady footing and to achieve the success of the past, it will take a lot of patience and very careful player selection going forward. Like I've said in many previous posts and comments, I've lost all faith in our club's leaders and the scariest thing is they seem to be untouchable. So buckle up, this is going to be a bumpy ride.

"We are absolutely embarrassing ourselves out there. We have many injuries, but that is not an alibi. There's no point hiding here. We are trying, everyone is giving their all in terms of effort, but the results are pitiful. We don't create chances and concede far too much. You can cling to bad luck, but obviously today we did nothing to win the match.

We can't seem to get out of this spiral and I don't understand why. At the end of the game I was dispirited. That wasn't the case on Saturday.

Midweek in the Coppa Italia we played well against Napoli and had prepared for the same approach with Chievo, but we didn't manage it. We just could not hurt them. The problem is we do not create scoring opportunities, as in the last three Serie A games we've barely had a shot on target. We hope to find the light at the end of the tunnel." -Chiellini's post Chievo comments.

Us too Giorgio, us too.