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Photos and Ferrara's Take on Livorno

As the great coach that he is, Ciro Ferrara was satisfied with the victory against Livorno but still thinks there are various aspects which can be improved."When it comes to the results we are very satisfied but we know that there are things to improve because we encountered some difficulties. This could also be due to the fact that the players on the field have played a lot".

"We also had more chances to score. I wanted a merciless football when it came to wanting to win. We wanted the three points and we had to face the match with humility as we did and we brought home the victory".

Praise for three great protagonists: "Gigi played a great match but Marchisio and Iaquinta who also deserve to be praised".

Exhaustion could be an important factor: "My team could be tired but sometimes perhaps we run a bit for nothing using important energies and sometimes we tend to run after the opponents and therefore must try to hold the ball more and start the action".

"It is a positive thing that we scored in the first half especially in the first minutes which allowed us to control the match. We must make sure that we keep up the consistency even though we are happy with the three points. Now we must think of Genoa which is a team of very high level".

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