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A Confluence of Shitty Factors

Doomed us. We should have won this game, for a variety of reasons. Brief review after the jump.

Things that screwed us over-
#1- Fatigue: Several players looked tired- Tiago and Marchisio come to mind. We should not have let Zanetti go, we could really use him right now.
#2- Injuries: Ferrara didn't really have a choice to chance too much around, as two substitutions were forced by injury, Tiago and Cannavaro. We can only hope that they aren't out for too long.
#3- Referee: I'm not gonna harp on this one too much, but that was a pretty straightforward offside call to make, even if Tiago should have had his man covered. What was the linesman doing?
#4- Weather: The rain in Turin made it very difficult to complete a string of passes, particularly in the time before and after the break. Long balls insued.

I don't want to blame all of these issues on our draw because the players deserve blame, but in other circumstances we would have won. The team did not play that well today, hopefully Ferrara will yell at them and try and figure out what went wrong.

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