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Benvenuto Grosso

The transfer of the Italian international defender has been finalized thanks to a substantial effort from the Piedmontese club who accepted to increase their offer to €2million plus €1million in future sport performance bonuses.

It still isn't on Juve's page quite yet, but if Lyon says it's true, I'll take it. No word on contract length, says a laughably long 3-years, it'll be more like 1 or 2, the salary is rumored to be €1.8million. It's not the Palermo defender I wanted, but he's a capable enough player and it'll help the Azzurri. Short term solution, though.

EDIT 245EST: It's now on Juve's page, and was right, a 3-year contract. That seems absurdly long for a player of his age...somewhere in Florence an equally old midfielder is cursing Secco's name. A bit too long for my liking, but I'm pleased to have Grosso in Turin.

If we sign Zambrotta, I will kill someone.