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Two Down, Thirty-Six To Go (Pictures)

http://juventuscalcio.blogspot.comPar2743483 by Juventus Calcio.

"I am happy with the two goals and the victory. We played a great match. It is thanks to the Juventus environment, to Ferrara, to my team mates, to the affection of the fans. It is thanks to all this that I managed to fit in well. The strength of Juve is this: the capability of players of great class to adapt to a scheme and to sacrifice themselves if necessary." -Diego Ribas da Cunha

Just look at our tifosi back there behind those two Brazilians- I fucking love this club. Enjoy the photos everyone. Alessio's gonna spit something out a little more comprehensive in a bit probably, but as I'm sure he can agree, some photos say it all.

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