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Sunday Shout-Outs: One Down, Thirty-Seven To Go

This time you do the talking. Plus game photos after the jump, enjoy.

al |
wow, iaq. the calabrian cannon

strong first half, SHIT second half

We had to work a little too hard for that win, but at least we got the season off on a good foot.

ned lowe
a work in progress…not grammy winning stuff,but it’ll do 2 be going home with at this stage…good showing from the midfield trio…i wonder who’ll be benched when camo, sissoko n melo r fully fit tho?

we seriously need to do something about those full backs, when Salihamidic was on, we were looking quite nice from his side, Grygera is Grygera, but what the hell happened to De Ceglie??
and Diego is amazing, but needs to improve, he’s hogging the ball quite alot which costs us to lose possession and yeah, sucks to say it, but the two who shall not be named had a sound game with some good moments

De Ceglie suddenly forgot how to cross… maybe its Molinaro in disguise.

I will live with a 1-0 game. I am not content with it but granted it is the first game, new formation, new sort of swagger,i will live with a narrow victory. I question some of the substiutions, Marrone over Camo? with 15 good mins in a 1-0 game. I understand it is important to regelate the youngsters but this game was far from over. Trez should have also been shown some playing time. Overall not a bad. The middle with Diego will become explosive when the chemistry is there. At times the attack looked out of sync but as aformentioned that is due to the lack of chemistry. Tiago sprayed the ball around nicely - and specifically to the wings, Poulson started well… and became more clumsy towards the latter, but looked sharp. I hope we will be healthy for Roma, they looked crisp on attach and vunerable in the last fifth of the field. I hope we can exploit them down the middle. Forza Juve. Bravo!!!

Nice tackle there. He’s having a stellar match thus far.

Sam Dj
diego is class

Hahaha, no hard feelings at all man. You should have seen my look when I read the first sentence, I was like: “Uhmmm… uhhh well”. I just think he [Poulsen] did do a few decent things so far. You can definitely tell he’s still not playing at his fullest ability tho, he looks VERY nervous at times

al |
next week: Roma.

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