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Juventus v Chievo: 'First of 38 Finals'

"We must enter the field every time with the determination not leave any points to anyone because every point may weigh on the final table. We are about to play 38 finals and the match against Chievo is the first one. We are immediately faced by a delicate and tricky match against the Veronesi who will come to Turin full of enthusiasm after having avoided relegation last year when they amazed all those who were already sure of their demotion to the Serie B in the middle of the championship. We must be careful with regards to the organization of their game, to their rhythm and pay attention to Pellissier." -Gigi

When it comes to Juventus, performing at our best against the league's top competitors has never been an issue. Conversely however, over the last two years, playing at a higher level than our opponents from smaller provincial clubs has been a challenge at best. This season we must put an end to that stigma once and for all. Last year Pellissier gave us the business, and in a small way maybe we should thank him for playing his part in bringing Ciro to the helm.

Juventus 2.0

"To be a great team you must not only beat the big teams but most of the time you win a championship by beating those teams which on paper are weaker. Tomorrow's match will see us play against a team which does not leave me tranquil. Last year Chievo Verona gave us a hard time. We must be careful of some excellent players they have especially a certain clever striker (Pellissier) who last year made it really hard for us. We approach the match at a great time and in good condition but we must be careful and concentrated. We cannot afford to lose points on the first match day and what more at home. They are very good at reacting and have very good players." -Ciro

So this time we'll be bringing the goods I imagine. Ferrara has a relatively healthy roster to choose from ahead of this one. Aside from Zebina and Giovinco who are still unavailable, Ciro has called up twenty players including the likes of Camoranesi, Chiellini, Del Piero, De Ceglie, and Tiago. Melo is disqualified, however the other two Brazilians in Diego and Amauri are ready to go.

1 Buffon 3 Chiellini 5 Cannavaro 7 Salihamidzic 8 Marchisio 9 Iaquinta 10 Del Piero 11 Amauri 13 Manninger 16 Camoranesi 17 Trezeguet 18 Poulsen  19 Molinaro 21 Grygera 23 Ariaudo 28 Diego 29 De Ceglie 30 Tiago 33 Legrottaglie 39 Marrone