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Trofeo Berlusconi: Keepin' It Classy

At the end of the Sunday session, Ferrara announced the list of players called-up for the Trofeo Berlusconi which will see the inclusion of Marchisio, Trezeguet and Zebina who returned to working with the group. Diego is also included after having had a good training session and playing the mini-match as joker.

Tiago will not be part of the expedition, after having suffered a muscle strain to the right thigh which will be examined on Monday. Other players which have not been called-up are Camoranesi who will continue with his recovery following the injury suffered with the national team, Caceres who was granted a day off, Chiellini who will be rested as well as the injured Giovinco and Sissoko.

The Mali midfielder is at St. Rapahel at the Cote Azzure at the centre where he had formerly undergone the post-operation rehabilitation programme: the medical treatment is being carried out in accordance with the Juventus medical staff while the athletic preparation is being followed by Gaudino.

Below is the list of players called-up:

1 Buffon
4 Felipe Melo
5 Cannavaro
7 Salihamidzic
8 Marchisio
9 Iaquinta
10 Del Piero
11 Amauri
12 Chimenti
13 Manninger
15 Zebina
17 Trezeguet
18 Poulsen
19 Molinaro
21 Grygera
23 Ariaudo
28 Diego
29 De Ceglie
33 Legrottaglie

It's still preseason we know that. But let's not get forget that if we fail to prepare, prepare to fail. I want to see a well compact team that passes the ball on the ground and works hard to close down our opponents. Diego will most likely be starting in this one so I can't wait to see him on the ball again. Also, anyone care for another Poulsen-Gattuso clash? Streaming: &