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A Very Interactive Post- (Poll and Caption This!)

Ivo was curious about the optimism of the Juventini on this site, and per his (her?) suggestion, here is the Poll of the Day. This weeks Caption This! and last weeks winners after the jump.

Will Juventus win the Scudetto next year?(poll)

I'm interested to see what others think given the mercato. If we had managed to offload Zebina and Almiron instead of Zanetti and Mellberg, I would have declared this mercato a brilliant success. The sales have been quite off though. Anyways, this week's Caption This comes from the 4-1 drubbing from Villarreal. Good luck!

Also, the winning entries for last week(s) Caption This!

Winner: DJP- "Gio: “You know, I’ve always been told that size doesn’t really matter.”"

Winner: jots- #2…..”So easy a caveman can do it”

Winner: HolyMann- Raul: Thought you could run away before i give you your last spanking
Cannavaro: hehehe, i knew you’d find me