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Felipe Melo; MAI ALLA JUVE!

Stankovic’s past slurs against Juventus have been quoted, including when he celebrated Inter’s Scudetto victory by declaring that "we win without stealing", referring clearly to the Bianconeri’s alleged role in the Calciopoli crisis.

And hence rioting in Turin.

"Juventus are stronger than Milan and it will be hard for us. If we play like we did against Milan, and if the ref does his job well, then we will beat Juve."

Where's the rioting?

“Felipe is in love with Florence, but should the Juventus officials reach an agreement with Fiorentina, he would be happy with such a move,” the agent declared.

Go f*** yourself.

If Stankovic's transfer was vetoed for trash talking our beloved Old Lady, I don't see why we'd welcome Melo with open arms. Melo's a good player but one who will limit Marchisio's development as a complete central-midfielder, and he's an asshole on and off the pitch. Amauri has been humble, patient, and unselfish since he's joined Juve. Diego looks to be similar. Melo is everything I dislike about Brazilians; uncontrollable temper, arrogant, and Cassanata. No thanks. If we can't get a decent regista, forget a midfielder and start working on the defense.

What are your opinions?

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