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Juve Fixture List, Serie A 2009-2010/Coppa di Pace Photos

Schedule looks alright, to me. Roman teams back to back, and in general, the big matches are fairly spread out. Weeks 9-13 are the Scudetto decider for me, that's where we've thrown it away the last two years, playing against the mid-table and crap teams. Milan on the last day...let's hope for something like this again. Full schedule after the jump.

1ˆ GIORNATA- 23/8/09: Juventus-Chievo
2ˆ GIORNATA- 30/8/09: Roma-Juventus
3ˆ GIORNATA- 13/9/09: Lazio-Juventus
4ˆ GIORNATA- 20/9/09: Juventus-Livorno
5ˆ GIORNATA- 23/9/09: Genoa-Juventus
6ˆ GIORNATA- 27/9/09: Juventus-Bologna
7ˆ GIORNATA- 10/10/09: Palermo-Juventus
8ˆ GIORNATA- 18/10/09: Juventus-Fiorentina
9ˆ GIORNATA- 25/10/09: Siena-Juventus
10ˆ GIORNATA- 28/10/09: Juventus-Sampdoria
11ˆ GIORNATA- 1/11/09: Juventus-Napoli
12ˆ GIORNATA- 8/11/09: Atalanta-Juventus
13ˆ GIORNATA- 22/11/09: Juventus-Udinese
14ˆ GIORNATA- 29/11/09: Cagliari-Juventus
15ˆ GIORNATA- 6/12/09: Juventus-Inter
16ˆ GIORNATA- 13/12/09: Bari-Juventus
17ˆ GIORNATA- 20/12/09: Juventus vs Catania
18ˆ GIORNATA- 6/1/10: Parma-Juventus
19ˆ GIORNATA- 10/1/10: Juventus-Milan

20ˆ GIORNATA- 17/1/10: Chievo-Juventus
21ˆ GIORNATA- 24/1/10: Juventus-Roma
22ˆ GIORNATA- 31/1/10: Juventus-Lazio
23ˆ GIORNATA- 7/2/10: Livorno-Juventus
24ˆ GIORNATA- 14/2/10: Juventus-Genoa
25ˆ GIORNATA- 21/2/10: Bologna-Juventus
26ˆ GIORNATA- 28/2/10: Juventus-Palermo
27ˆ GIORNATA- 7/3/10: Fiorentina-Juventus
28ˆ GIORNATA- 10/3/10: Juventus-Siena
29ˆ GIORNATA- 21/3/10: Sampdoria-Juventus
30ˆ GIORNATA- 24/3/10: Napoli-Juventus
31ˆ GIORNATA- 28/3/10: Juventus-Atalanta
32ˆ GIORNATA- 3/4/10: Udinese-Juventus
33ˆ GIORNATA- 11/4/10: Juventus-Cagliari
34ˆ GIORNATA- 18/4/10: Inter-Juventus
35ˆ GIORNATA- 25/4/10: Juventus-Bari
36ˆ GIORNATA- 2/5/10: Catania-Juventus
37ˆ GIORNATA- 9/5/10: Juventus-Parma
38ˆ GIORNATA- 16/5/10: Milan-Juventus

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