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VotD: Man Of The Match

In a first half where we were literally being crushed, his super-human abilities pulled us ahead of Sevilla and helped Juventus grab three points in our first Group A match of the 2009 Coppa di Pace. If he isn't considered one of the world's greatest goalscoring threats I'll gladly give up writing for this blog and revert to a life of isolation and depression. For me it couldn't be any clearer, Amauri is already in top form and ready for this season to begin.

"I am happy to have been named man of the match but especially for the goal and the victory. We are improving and even with three strikers we did well, notwithstanding it was the first time we tried it out. We must only perfect the mechanisms". -Amauri

Somewhere in Bavaria, Luca Toni is wondering if his days with the Azzurri are numbered and rightfully so. No one can touch Amauri in the air and his ground game is pretty descent for a man his size. If Lippi wants "those who can guarantee added value" then Amauri is surely the man for the job.