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Juve Training Photos

Preseason has been going well, with Ferrara particularly focusing on the physical condition of the players. When I first heard this, it sent a lump into my throat and I imagined the rash of injuries that would spread through the camp. So far, no real injuries have occurred though nearly all of the players have confirmed Ferrara has been pushing them hard. It is for two causes- the new formation, and the mentality. Ciro has said he wants Juve to fight hard, to be "energetic with the ball, and hungry without it."

The new formation is going to typically be a 4-3-1-2, from how the players have been training. Diego isn't quite ready and Giovinco is out due to his nose surgery, so in matches Del Piero has been pushing back to the trequartista position. He has confirmed he does not like to play in that role, but is plenty willing to do it for the time being. Tiago has impressed in the 3-man midfield, which makes sense given his best performances at Chelsea and Lyon were in a 3-man midfield.

Juve's medical bulletin was posted today, and thank God, it's the shortest we've seen in a long time. (and only full of good news) De Ceglie's injury recovery is going well (from the left-ankle injury in the U-21 Euros) and will be travelling with the team to the Peace Cup, though he will not be playing and continuing his program. Diego is undergoing a special program as his fitness levels are lower than the rest of the teams, hence why ADP has been playing trequartista in games, and Giovinco should be back in a week. Momo Sissoko felt a pain in his foot where he broke it last season and underwent x-rays, but they confirmed it was just a bit of swelling and will undergo some treatment, physical therapy, and will be back to full condition in a matter of days.

Here's a bunch of training photos from the last two weeks or so, enjoy!

The team arriving at Pinzolo.

Flying under the radar. I like it.

RB's not pictured: Mellberg

Chiellini showing up for training

"Hey guys, remember me?"

"I like it when you call me Big Daddy"

Waiting for the medicals.

This one's for you, Kasia.

And this one.

Hard to believe that next summer, it will have been a decade of ADP-Trez magic.

"I swear Doc, that sample was all because of Belen Rodriguez"

Showing up in true ADP fashion- class

The new boy signing autographs.

The other new signing, equally popular with the tifosi.

The reserver keeper getting a little love.

The Calabrian Cannon.

He's gonna have a great season, I know it.

Even Tiago gets some fan love.

Young winger Esposito, and yes, he does have creepy eyes.

Young striker Immobile signing some autographs.

Chiellini making some fans happy.

The new Triade surveying the team's training. Will inexperience ruin their regime?

The team being put through their paces.

Two players whos' absences were badly missed last season. They will be crucial to silverware.

Luca Marrone, of the Primavera.

We signed Steven Gerrard! Just kidding, that's Mario Kirev, a promising young goalkeeper we signed this January and then sent on loan to Grasshoppers.

Chiellini- "We made a secret handshake when you were off in Madrid..."

Good to see the team having fun. Can Amauri have fun on the pitch?

Back from the Confederation's Cup and vacation, it's back to work.

"Oh good God Tiago, no! No!"

"Why can't you go lock Zebina in the toilet, look, he's over there!"

He's done this a lot in training. Yes, we know you have beastly thigh muscles. We don't care.

Unless this a text from your agent saying Cisco Roma is interested, this is probably the wrong way to win over Ferrara. Particularly when he's banned cell phone usage and internet until after dinner.

Though Ferrara has been putting the team through their paces, that is not the only thing that the Juventini have been up to at training camp. They've been working on physical strength in the gym, but also some more fun activities to allow the players to relax and enjoy themselves, like Del Piero's favorite golf, even a surprising new fact about Mr. Versatility, our Brazzo.

"Is he still watching?"

Del Piero signed a one-year extension to his contract at Pinzolo!

After a great drive, sizing up a putt.

And success!

Not having quite as much success.

Manninger going out in the early morning to do some fishing.

Fishing in a mountain lake.

"Hey guys, I caught a huge one! It was this big!"

"Ok, you caught me. Not that big."

While Manninger was out early morning fishing, Trez was buying new French suits, and ADP was perfecting his swing, Brazzo and Amauri decided to hang out. First, they went to the local market to get some fruit. And then Brazzo made an offer Amauri couldn't refuse. A helicopter ride.

This looks like an ad.

Yes, apparently Brazzo is a licensed pilot and decided to take Amauri out for a ride.

Training continues until tomorrow, when preparations for the Peace Cup in Andalucia begin.