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And now you're the Director of Sport.

I apologize, that was an awfully cruel way to start the post and I imagine most of you were so giddy from the headline you had texted 14-15 people, including your grandmother and ex-girlfriend about the news. Someone suggested this question on another forum, and I liked the idea.

Having signed Cannavaro and Diego for a grand total of 24.5mil, Juventus is now looking for you to complete the mercato. You have 3 signings to make, and they can be loan, co-ownership, or full-out purchases. Your budget is 20mil left, we'll assume we raise 10mil or so in sales. Who would be your 3 signings?

A few conditions-

  • Be realistic in prices, we can't buy Xabi Alonso for anything less than 20mil.
  • Remember what competitors are offering, again with Xabi Alonso.....Real is interested. That pretty much prices us out.
  • We won't play mindgames and figure out player's preferences. Even if Onyewu probably wouldn't want to move to Turin, it's fair game. Even if a player is an Interista, fair game.
  • The formation will likely be a 4-3-1-2.

Post your answers below!