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Poulsen Is Not D'Agostino's BFF

According to reports, the D'Agostino deal has broken down on account of Poulsen's unwillingness to live in Turkey... well sort of. The Turkish giants offered Juventus €7.5 million for the Danish international and another €4.5 million a year for four years as the player's salary. However the defensive midfielder turned it down. While he'll only be making €3 million a season with Juventus, Poulsen admitted sometimes it's not all about the dough.

"I am honoured by Fenerbahce's offer... £3.7m is a lot, but to me it's not just a question of money. I want to continue with Juventus. For me, it's very important that my family finds itself well in the city in which I play".

I see where you're coming from Christian, family is number one. Unfortunately for D'Agostino, this meant that the likelihood of Juventus meeting Udinese's €20 million price tag was next to zero. Now while I would've liked to see us offload one or two defensive midfielders in favour of someone with D'Agostino's characteristics, especially ahead of our imminent switch to a 4-3-1-2 or 4-2-3-1 system, the reality is Pozzo's demands are still a bit too high here. Kudos goes out to Poulsen for sticking to his guns and Secco as well for keeping our youth prospects far from the bargaining table.