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It's Official: Pavel Nedved to Leave Juventus

The announcement, after days of rumors that wanted the Czech to leave football next season, came in a short communique: ""After eight seasons with Juventus it is time to bid farewell to all the supporters, my team mates and the club and thank them for all the support I received in these years. In Turin I won 4 scudetti and a golden ball. As from Monday I’ll start thinking of my future. I would like to especially thank my wife Ivana and my son and daughter for always supporting me, accompanying me throughout my career allowing me to reach extraordinary goals. I will continue to feel tied to Juventus by means of an affectionate relationship and I am particularly thankful to the Agnelli family for having given me the opportunity of playing for this great team. I would like to make it clear that my decision has nothing to do with any economical factors". " (of a proposed contract)

A more indepth post on Nedved will be up soon.

Grazie per tutto, Pavel.