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Injury Updates Slash Suspensions

After just having recovered from injury, Giorgio Chiellini is once again forced to stop, this time due to suspension. The defender from Livorno will miss Sunday's match against Atalanta following the yellow card received during the match against Milan. To compensate the list of players who reached the yellow cards limit of which Tiago, Amauri, Grygera and Poulsen form part has been shortened. As from the next match Ranieri will have Nedved and Mellberg back. The two players missed the match against the rossoneri due to suspension.

The opposite applies to Atalanta. Doni will be back after suspension but Guarente and Padoin will miss the match following the encounter with Genoa: the first was sent-off while the second exceeded the yellow cards limit.

After the draw against Milan the team was granted a day of rest and returned to work yesterday in preparation for the match against Atalanta, (the third match from last until the end of the championship) on schedule for Sunday at 15:00 at the Olimpico.

The conditions of Paolo De Ceglie and Zdeneck Grygera will have to be examined after they left the field during the match at the San Siro. De Ceglie was forced to leave the field during the second half after a blow to the ribs in exactly the same spot injured in February during the match against Napoli in the Coppa Italia.

The tests which he underwent excluded any fractures but his conditions will be monitored in the next few days. The same situation applies to Grygera. The Czech defender received a heavy blow to his foot during the match against Milan and his conditions, which are not serious, will be verified soon.