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VotW: Che Bell'Cucchiaio Sul Ghiaccio

Linus Omark, a left winger drafted by the Edmonton Oilers in 2007, may have just scored the greatest penalty shot in the history of hockey this past week. Now while it must take some serious skill to pull off that kind of touch just with a stick of wood, one has to think that Linus' effort wasn't as innovative as first thought. With many hockey stars admitting their love for football, one doesn't have to look too far to see where this Swede got the idea for this goal from.


Oh no, that wasn't the best example was it Fran-cé? Well you get the idea anyways. So as you all can see I'm still definitely still in international football mode and Alessio is probably on a plane somewhere flying from one international house music forum to the next, so this is all you're gonna get before Sunday's preview which will be up (you guessed it) Sunday. Until then ragazzi.