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Pre-Reggina Photo Dump

Photo essay after the jump-

Straight beast.

He's scary good.

The Calabrian Cannon!!

Not helping your cry for more playing time...

I'm gonna miss this on the pitch.

A somber day.

Two golden signings. To think, Motta was on the injury table and Bocchetti was in Serie B last year.

Count the Juventini in the picture....damnit.


Damnit again.

Bravo, tifosi!!

"I play for this club because absolutely no other team in Serie A would want me"

There are Azzurri fans that are also Interistas? Bizarre.

I don't know whether to yell at Tiago for being an idiot or applaud him for manning up and actually looking like he gave a shit. Oh, and bonus points for taking out Balotelli.

More people taking out Balotelli. I could probably put an entire post of this up and be very entertained.

Two legendary Ballon d'Or left-wingers who are either loved or despised. Luis Figo happens to be my least favorite player in the world, and yes, he held that place even pre-Inter.

Stankovic goes for the overhead Zlatan pass...but he's no Ibra.


A week late, but no one is complaining!!

Celebrating with the Mister.

Probably not having a pleasant chat.

Vincenzo not so on fire...

No Coppa for Juve. A Samp-Lazio final is pretty refreshing though...two teams that definitely want that Europa League spot.

Plenty to think about for next season. From these photos, that's a Coppa exit and a 2/12 possible points in Serie A.