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Genoa v Juventus: Call-Ups

Sorry for the lack of posts recently guys and gals. My Internet collapsed upon itself 60 minutes into the Chievo game last week and since then I've been on the horn with Bangalore to get my crap running again for the past couple of days to no avail unfortunately. So until alessio gets back from his pilgrimage across Jerusalem throughout the Easter holiday, this post will be brought to you courtesy of my university's computer lab. Finally it's good for something.

The Championship is prepared to play Easter round. Juventus is called to play the match vs. Genoa, the only match at 20.30. For the match at Ferraris stadium, mister Ranieri recovers another important piece like Legrottaglie, newly available after the knock suffered on the occasion of the Championship's match against Napoli.

Legrottaglie is coming back, and Salihamidzic is stopping after yesterday surgery operation. Recovering, but not yet available, Amauri, Manninger and Ekdal. For Sissoko the season is already over. Among not summoned, also Knezevic and Zanetti. In the list of the 20 are instead regularly present Marchisio and Grygera, who recovered from their respective ailments.

1. Buffon
3. Chiellini
4. Mellberg
5. Zebina
9. Iaquinta
10. Del Piero
11. Nedved
12. Chimenti
16. Camoranesi
17. Trezeguet
18. Poulsen
19. Marchisio
20. Giovinco
21. Grygera
28. Molinaro
29. De Ceglie
30. Tiago
32. Marchionni
33. Legrottaglie
42. Pinsoglio

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