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He's Baaaack! Well Almost...

International break time. The injured get healthier, and the healthy, well, hopefully stay that way. For Paolo De Ceglie, it's a chance to gain some much needed ground on his healthier colleagues before the end of the season. After reporting the injury he picked up during the Coppa Italia match against Napoli almost a month ago, I'm pleased to update you all on his condition.

"The long stop is finally over. Now I have practically two weeks to work in order to recover my best form and therefore I should be available for call-up for the match against Chievo". Paolo De Ceglie is finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and after nearly two months since the injury suffered against Napoli in the Coppa Italia on the 4th of February, he is ready to get back on the field.

The Under21 international has been training with the rest of the team for a number days now without feeling the effect of the nasty blow suffered in a collision with Gargano which resulted in the fracture of a rib, the injuring of another two and a pneumo-thoraic injury: "It was quite a blow - recalls Paolo - but as soon as the medical staff and the trainers give the go ahead I will not stop to think about it but try to train to the maximum to regain my best form as soon as possible".

During the last few weeks, Juventus obtained good results and registered five consecutive championship victories: "We must win all the coming matches if we want to keep on fighting for the scudetto - continues De Ceglie - Now a difficult match against Chievo awaits us. Chievo is going through a good time and just like all the teams trying to avoid relegation they will surely give us a hard time. We, however, absolutely want to win the three points".

In other injury related news, Juventus' official site detailed a practice Wednesday whereby De Ceglie, Zanetti, Legrottaglie, Ekdal and Camoranesi participated in most of the session with the group, including a mini-match without goalkeepers. Afterwards, Legrottaglie and Ekdal worked separately whilst Camoranesi returned to the gym alongside Salihams and Manninger. Zanetti and De Ceglie went on training with the group carrying out shooting exercises and a mini-match on a reduced field of play.

To add to the number of players on the field a number of Primavera players also trained with the squad- the site read. These were Daud, Alcibiade, Yago and Duravia, as well as Nocchi and Pinsoglio who before the match worked together with Chimenti under Giorgio Pellizzaro (our goalkeeping coach).  BTW, FYI our next match is against Chievo on Sunday, April the 5th.