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PotD: Our Starting Lineup

No, that doesn´t stand for Post of the Day. Roberto and I are too busy to write that much, occupying our time with booze, women, and the occasional game of calcio. (Although I hear Canada doesn´t thaw until mid-June, so I guess it´s just the first two for Roberto) But we´re making the Juve Offside a bit more interactive because hell, it´s more fun that way.

Below are two polls on who should finish the season as our starting forwards and our starting mids. If an answer isn´t in the poll, post it below in the comments section, because someone else is probably thinking it too. Or maybe not, and you´re just completely insane, which will at least give us a good laugh.

Who should be our starting CMs?
( polls)

Who should be our starting forwards?
( Online surveys)