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Tiago played well. No no for real, stop laughing.

Geeze! The drunk tank's no fun. I did NOT take that result well. In any case I'm free and I'm back! I had to trade alessio for three cartons of Peter Jackson and a bar of soap so I'm not sure when he'll be released. He's a trooper though. Speaking of troopers, does anyone think that Tiago's performance Tuesday was a little overlooked? In fact, that coy bastard has been stringing together a couple solid performances as of late.

"My mode of thinking has changed most of all. The first year was a real disaster both personally and on a football level. This year I made myself available for the group and the coach, trying to do my best".

Well Tia'mpon, we're all glad you've changed your way of thinking. It comes as no shock though that your football improved as a result. But seriously did it really need to take you one whole fucking year to realise the club didn't revolve around you? It was as if we invested 13 million euros with Bernie Madoff or something. Especially since we were/are in a rebuilding era, your mental miscarriage caused us some painful setbacks last season unquestionably.

Alas, some people in this world are capable of forgiving so consider yourself lucky. No need to lock anyone else up in a bathroom stall. Just play the rest of the year out and we'll see how she goes.