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Cobolli Still Believes... Do You?

Speaking on the radio during "Anch’io Lo Sport", Giovanni Cobolli Gigli did not throw in the towel. Notwithstanding the draw at home against Sampdoria and Inter’s victory in the Milan derby, the president left an open door to hope, basing it on history which often saw great comebacks.

"I think Inter made a great step ahead but nothing is over yet. It is obvious that it is proving to be the aircraft carrier I always said it was but there is always hope. The other teams in the race, including Juve, must win their matches. Inter is very structured, has many precious pieces, and can afford going on with all the commitments, but the real race begins next week, when they are called to play every three days. It is then when confirmations or disappointments are expected and everything is possible. The championship is not lost and history shows that great comebacks are possible".

Cobolli believes in his Juventus and he likes the mentality with which the players are confronting the matches: "Against Samp I saw the players, both the veterans and the youngsters, determined to equalise and win. In general, the final judgement is positive but on hold because I would like to see what happens at the end of the competitions. If we manage to go on in the Coppa Italia and the Champions League, showing we can do well against Chelsea, the judgement would be even more positive. The latter will be a very important test and everything is in our players’ hands. It will not be the most important match but it is definitely one of the most important this year".

The question about the transfer market is expected and the Juventus president answered confirming that the club will continue basing on youngsters that are "carrying out the task really well", but also confirmed that they are thinking of  a "couple of important insertions to raise the team’s level and give a touch of class to the team while thinking also of Nedved who yesterday played like a youth but who next year might not want to play all matches". Amongst the names is that of Antonio Cassano who Cobolli defines as "a youngster who is becoming a man. He is entertaining and a great player. Secco spoke of who could be bought in June and that of Cassano is a name of which we are thinking". The conclusion is made up of words of praise towards the coach: "I am very satisfied with Ranieri – declared Cobolli – we are second in the table. He took last year’s team and improved: he has a contract with us which we shall respect".