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Tuttosport's Poll of the Year

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Over on Tuttosport, they have three polls to close out 2009:

-Who is the best Juventino of 2009? (Buffon, Chiellini, Marchisio, Nedved, Sissoko)
-What young talent will explode in 2010? (De Ceglie, Immobile, Giovinco, Rossi, Marrone)
-Who is the flop of 2009? (Amauri, Diego, Felipe Melo, Poulsen, Tiago)

Personally, I voted Nedved the top Juventino, Giovinco to explode, and Amauri as the flop of 2009. The first, I think Chiellini definitely deserves it but he's winning in a landslide anyway, so I voted for Pavel. The second, there's no doubt Giovinco has the talent, he just needs continuity. And lastly, Amauri is hands down the flop of 2009 for me.

As of this post, Chiellini is winning the first vote, with Marchisio, Nedved, Buffon, and Sissoko following. I think that's probably a fair result, though Nedved and Buffon have been above Marchisio, they also had a lot higher expectations going into the year. The last month has shown how fundamental Chiellini is to our side.

For the top youth, Giovinco is winning by a landslide for obvious reasons, though spare a thought for poor De Ceglie, who places last behind Immobile, Marrone, and Rossi. I like that Immobile is second, he's shown a lot of confidence and ambition in the brief time he's been on. Here's to hoping he gets some minutes.

Despite Tuttosport being a trash bin of sports newspapers, the readers seem intelligent enough going by the votes. For the top flop, Tiago is given it, followed by Felipe Melo and Amauri. Diego, who has struggled in recent weeks is given less than 10% and the truly surprising (in a good way) is the fact that Poulsen comes in last at 4.8% of votes. I personally would swap Amauri and Tiago, though I think the last two are right on, Diego needs time and Poulsen has been quietly solid in the last few months.

How did you vote? Hope your holidays are going well!