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Board Appoints Bettega

Scumming to the pressures of supporter criticism, Jean-Claude Blanc announced via a press release yesterday, that the former Juventus forward and club director Roberto Bettega has officially rejoined the club. Having been let go by the club in 2006 after what was left of our board decided against renewing his contract in the midst of match-fixing scandal allegations, Roberto however, was not implicated in any wrongdoing shortly thereafter. Read here for the state of another former director. That said, Bettega brings back an invaluable amount of experience that neither Blanc, Secco, or Ciro can brag about yet which was sorely missed for the last three years or so. In short, the new position foresees the responsibility on the whole sport department, with immediate operation.

President, Jean-Claude "Havard MBA" Blanc:

"I proposed to Bettega to become part of our organization to assume the responsibility of the entire sport department. A decision that matured in these months, to strengthen the department to which the club dedicated its maximum effort. Roberto is the right figure to cover this role, because he's able to transfer experience and authoritativeness to the technical staff and to the sport management, guaranteeing further solidity to our ambitions. I already had the chance to collaborate with the new vice general manager with satisfaction for almost a year: he brings passion for soccer and love for a club which he contributed in a determinant way to write its history. His entrance, in a high responsibility position and with operative delegation, consolidates our managerial staff, adding further proficiency and strong motivations."

Vice General Manager, Roberto "481 appearances, 178 club goals scored" Bettega:

"I accepted with enthusiasm Blanc’s proposal and I’ll immediately start working for my Juve. I rediscover a Club I know so well, Jean-Claude Blanc and colleagues whom I shared important experiences with, are persons who in these years grew up and whom I’m happy to collaborate with. The faith in work done by the Club and in people leading it, gives me the sureness that, with everybody’s contribution and with supporters’ support, we’ll know how to be competitive at maximum levels."

Oh, Roberto. Don't thank j.c. for the proposal, thank us tifosi. As the story should read, 'there really wasn't any place for the upper brass' footballing inexperience to hide behind, so as an attempt to save their reputations, the so called "olive branch" was extended'. Am I completely convinced we're on the right path to football glory once again? Not even close. Will I sleep a little better at night knowing there's someone who can take Secco by his hand and lead him past the retarded/mediocre players on our next transfer short-list? Yes.



Aaron and I would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas, and if you're planning on getting sauced-up on eggnog call a cab or pass out on someone's front lawn this holiday season. I'm off to spend some time with the family right after I change the 'Champions League' tab to the 'Europa League', and add Bettega's name to the team management section of the categories off to the right of the screen... Buon Natale everyone!