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Camoranesi Out For 3+ Months; World Cup Uncertain

As if we needed more bad news.


Camoranesi, our beloved oriundio winger, played some of the most costly 10 minutes of his career against Bari. The initial prognosis wasn't terrible, he tweaked his right-thigh muscle and some said it was possible that it was only a 4-6 week layoff. The result as many of you have read, is he is going to be out at least 3 months, likely longer. It turns out he tore the muscles in his right thigh, and they need to be rebuilt rather than just reinforced. His season may be more or less over, as to rebuild the muscle he may need surgery, and with that, perhaps he will miss out on South Africa.

Last year I wrote this after the defeat in London to Chelsea:

Are we witnessing the end of Camoranesi? I thought he had a miserable game last night, and yes, I´m aware he´s coming back from injury. Against Palermo he looked more exhausted than Nedved in the 2nd half, before being hauled off. Camo, who has been one of my favorite players, has been plagued with 3-month injuries the last two years. Today´s news that he will be out for about a month doesn´t give me much confidence.

It wasn't that he was losing the talent, anyone who watched him this season can tell he's still got it, so I further clarified what I meant in the comments section:

By the Camo comment I didn’t mean he’s losing his talent. His performance against Chelsea is totally forgiveable, considering his condition. My point was he’s been injured more than he hasn’t, and then we have to wait for a few weeks for him to get into good form. Given his age, I’m not sure how long he can keep it up.

I hope to see these two both at South Africa and in Turin next year...

For now, spare a thought for ol' Camo.

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