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Haifa v. Juventus: Prove This Guy Wrong

"If Blanc wanted to show faith in Ferrara, he didn’t use the right words," Moggi writes in the Libero newspaper. "That sentence ‘there are no more bonuses’ meant exactly the opposite."

"He vented his disappointment at the weakest target: the coach. That’s a familiar method for those who don’t know anything about football. If Juve have showed problems against Napoli, it is down to a transfer campaign that was much celebrated but not at all pondered."

"[Marco] Marchionni and [Cristiano] Zanetti have reinforced Fiorentina in exchange for bread crumbs. And Felipe Melo arrived from Florence for €25 million, but he does not have a curriculum to play for a team that must win in Italy and abroad, especially when you already have [Christian] Poulsen and [Mohamed] Sissoko," said Moggi.

"And don’t get me started on Tiago…"

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