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Abandon Ship- This Boat is Sinking


This season is going down. Fast. Full review after the jump.

The ironic thing about this game is, more or less what Ferrara said- unlike the Bordeaux disaster, we didn't play all that terribly, yet still lost 2-0. That doesn't change the fact that today was still, an utter disappointment. Losing 2-0 twice in a week is not something we're accustomed to, yet I today make an appeal of patience to all the Juventini. It's not easy to be a sports fan and be patient. Many coaches are prematurely sacked, though sometimes, change is long overdue. (Buffalo Bills) Today was a soul-crushing loss that put us in 3rd and 8 points behind Inter, but I argue to give Ferrara time with the team.


We really didn't play that badly, though, except for a few key players. Amauri needs to be benched, I don't care if Chimenti is starting up top, I am sick of seeing him whine at midfielders for the ball, and miss every goddamn chance he gets, after which there is more whining and shaking of his hair. Give Immobile a chance up top, I don't care who but as a friend on Facebook said, I am now ABA, anyone-but-Amauri. I'm annoyed with him, but the foul on him in the box was a DEFINITE penalty that could have changed the balance of the game.

I can, however, sort of see why he gets a start, given all our other forwards are out. The same cannot be said for Molinaro. Why on earth is Ferrara giving him chances? I think it was pretty clear earlier in the season that Ferrara told Molinaro he was 3rd-choice, and time and time again, he's proved why he is. Why the hell didn't Grosso or De Ceglie start in his position?


And lastly, while I'm complaining about squad selections, Cannavaro was utter garbage today. Too slow, he was caught out of position several times and generally roasted by Cagliari's pacey attack. What would everyone be saying if that was Legrottaglie? Probably that he's rubbish, not up to Juve quality, and "fuck Legrottaglie" over and over. Instead, with Cannavaro, we figure he just had an off game. I'm not saying Cannavaro is a terrible player, one game doesn't mean anything, but it's time to stop having the double standards we do, because one player has a glorious past and the other...not so much.

Did Ferrara get it right today? Not entirely, but there's not that often when a coach will nail the starting XI every game. Did we deserve to win? No. But, there are three things we knew before the season, and they are worth keeping in mind in these crappy times.

#1- It takes a while to master a formation. Ferrara said he wanted to play like Barca, which was probably a Zenga-style impossible promise, but Barca has been playing like that for decades. We have been playing whatever formation we are for 2-3 months, at best. It doesn't help when your midfield and strikeforce are decimated by injuries. Figure at least a season to develop a strong new formation identity.
#2- The Moggi Rule: Never sign more than 2 new players for your starting XI. This largely applies to elite teams that are looking to refresh, more than restart, and it goes along with point #1 that it is tough to integrate these players into a new team. We have 5 new transfers who are frequently starting. For players like Cannavaro, Grosso, and Melo, they should be able to modify their game fairly quickly, 2-3 months. For foreign transfers, like Diego and Caceres, who are dealing with issues like a new league, a new language, etc, 4-5 months at the minimum.
#3- We all knew that going with a new coach would be bumpy. Personally, I wanted Gasparini at our helm, but I am satisfied with giving Ferrara a chance. It is not going to be easy, but he has already shown plenty of promise- willingness to change formation, willingness to try new things, commitment to squad rotation, willingness to own up to mistakes. These are 4 things Ranieri didn't have. The tactics, and ability to read a game will come with time. With a new, inexperienced coach, figure at least a season. I'm with Ferrara till May, unless he puts us bottom half of the table.


Like I said, we knew these 3 things this summer, and I think all of you would have agreed. Our positive starts against Roma, Lazio, Chievo, etc, were an aberration that many of us thought were real. Now, it seems it was just a product of the enthusiasm in the squad. This fooled us, though, into thinking it would be an easy ride this season. Given Inter's position, their squad depth, and the experience of the MoaningHoe, we were always underdogs, even if we believed at the start of the season we were equal.

I understand everyone's disappointment, but I think the above points are very much valid and we need to have patience.

P.s.- We need to sign Caceres. I really like this kid. Maybe in exchange we can offer Amauri?

P.p.s- This post was sort of meant to cheer you up, but having re-read it, I don't think it did the trick. Chin up, Juventini, there are better days ahead.