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PotD: "This Is The Spirit Of Juventus"

Ciro's post match comments plus all the match media one could hope for after the jump...

"We are very happy.  It was a perfect evening due to the result, the match played and the way we handled the match.  This is the spirit of Juventus.  Clearly, if we see tonight’s match this would seem like the best tactical approach but in an entire championship sometimes you have to change".

"Today the players played like great champions.  They were perfect and I can only thank them and say a big well done.  This would be the perfect Juve but I am aware of the fact that it is not easy to maintain this rythm.  It is however, the starting point of our team".

Asked who according to him is the man of the match, the Juventus coached said: "It is hard to pick out a single player because today played as a team and in such cases you create more and suffer less.  Even the players who came on did really well".

From now on: "This should be the charge that launches us.  It is true we came from a series of negative results and this conditioned us but we showed that we can come back and now we have to maintain this".

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