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Calling All (older) Calcio fans- Marchisio, the new Tardelli?

God the international break is boring.

A lot of you, unfortunately, won't be able to help with this post. But in musing Marchisio's injury, I've been thinking about how he's called the "new Tardelli" by the media. Case in point, after his brilliantly taken goal against Livorno, Fabio Caressa said "ogni giorno sembra piu Tardelli," or "Every day he resembles more like Tardelli." Can someone explain a bit in-depth Tardelli's style of play? Alas, I was not even born when he left the peninsula for Ireland, so all I know about him is some vague anecdotes from family and occasional YouTube videos, every single one which of course features the Tardelli scream. His wikipedia says he was a "He was well known for his battling qualities, primarily his stamina and mentality as well as his ruthless tackling. He was also known for his technical abilities and his ability to score vital goals." That doesn't exactly seal the comparison to Marchisio for me. Would one of our older Calcio fans please enlighten us a bit more on why he seems so much like him? To me, he reminds me of a hybrid of Conte/Tacchinardi. Is it the fact that he's a complete midfielder? Someone help me out here!