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Couple Things About That Monaco Friendly

Yup we tied it in stoppage time, then we lost on penalties. But the scoreline isn't really the point of this post, nor the point of friendlies in general. Here's just a little overview of what I think we can take away from that friendly in Messina. Juventus began the game with practically the same starting line up we used to end 2008. Marchisio and Momo in the middle of the park, with Marchionni and Nedved along the sidelines. Amauri and ADP were up top while our primavera captain got the start in place of Chiellini among our usual suspects in defense. Oh and before I forget, Buffon is back baby!

The best part of this half was seeing that all of our first team guys had stayed sharp over the holidays. Amauri looked hungry, Marchionni looked threatening, Nedved looked active, and Molinaro didn't fuck up. A special mention goes out to the youngster Ariaudo who geniunely looked like he belonged on a professional level. "Ariaudo was clever. I fielded him so as not to risk Mellberg and he played well. He is a youngster who we are counting on" Ranieri said. I'll tell you who I'm counting on, his name rhymes with 'uffon. He wasn't tested, but the way he handled those close balls mmmmmmm.

The second half began with Legro wearing the captain's armband. At first I couldn't believe my eyes, but then it made sense. True to his nickname, Ranieri had substituted almost everyone off aside from Nicola. Giovinco and Iaquinta came on as strikers, with Poulsen, Zanetti, Ekdal, and Esposito behind them in midfield. In defense Salihams and De Ceglie were called in, with Manninger replacing Buffon in goal before he eventually gave way to Chimenti half way through the second.

The best part of this half was seeing that all of our first half guys are still gonna be our first team guys, with Giovinco being the only exception. I don't know what Ranieri is waiting for anymore. Anyways, Iaquinta and Ekdal looked good with Poulsen, Zanetti, and Salihams needing a bit more time. All in all it was a good run for us and the scoreline could have been very different if it weren't for their keeper Ruffier. In any case I'm just happy no one got injured.