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Three Players To Miss Saturday's Match... At Least

Juventus-Fiorentina, the first match of the second round of the Serie A, will be off-limits for no less than four three players after they were suspended by the sporting authorities: two bianconeri and two one viola. Claudio Ranieri will have to do without Cristian Molinaro and Momo Sissoko. Both players had reached their yellow card limit and were suspended after the one received against Lazio. The Mali player already had to miss the match in the first round due to a pending suspension from the previous season. On the other hand Grygera will be back. The only player to have reached the yellow card limit is Camoranesi.

Comotto will be suspended for Fiorentina. The ex-Torino defender was suspended after the yellow card he received against Milan while the attacker is in his second day of suspension after the red card received during the match against Lecce.

Photos from yesterday's training session in Vinovo:

Health Update:

Afternoon training session for Juventus today yesterday following the day’s rest granted by Ranieri. The group at the disposal of Ranieri saw its numbers reduced: Buffon, Manninger, Tiago and Mellberg were not present since they are suffering of influenza. The first is on his way to recovery while the other three arrived in Vinovo feverish and had to return back home.

The team underwent an athletic and technical session before playing a series of 3-a-side matches. David Trezeguet trained regularly with the team since he is now fully recovered and must simply get back into form in order to be available. Pavel Nedved underwent a separate training session in order to recover from the energy spent in Rome and the fouls suffered against Lazio.

Chellini and Iaquinta also trained with the Czech player. The availability of the two players for Saturday’s match will be examined by not later then Friday. The players however will be back when it is ascertained that they will not be undergoing any type of risk with regards to further injury. Camoranesi also trained on the field but it is somewhat difficult to deduce he will be available for the match against Fiorentina.

With regards to the other injured players, there is good news for Jonathan Zebina who is scheduled to return to Turin on Thursday. The player’s situation is good and once back he will begin to undergo separate training two weeks ahead of the foreseen time-frame.

Knezevic will be completing physiotherapy shortly and will then begin to get back on the field. He will begin advanced training by mid-February.

Salihamidzic is currently at a clinic chosen by the Juventus medical staff. He is undergoing therapy for the injury to his Achilles tendon, however the possibility of surgery has not yet been taken into consideration.