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Juven-tus, Or Should I Say Three! (Lame I Know)

For those of you Juventini looking for a better on-field performance than the game against Siena, well here was your chance. I haven't seen that much hustle since our first leg Champions League go with Real. Tons of pressure with even more creativity. Who would have thought Giovinco would've provided that? *sarcasm*. Great passing, good tempo, and a steady pace was the order of the day here against Catania in our Coppa tilt.

3- 0, Bravo ragazzi! I mean you had Amauri and Del Piero up front who look to be more comfortable together with every passing game. Then you had Giovinco on the left who single-handedly put to bed rumours of Juventus' search for Pavel's heir. On top of that, Zanetti reminded us why he started most of last year. Do I even have to mention De Ceglie? No wonder Lippi thinks we have the best team in Serie A this year so far.

Great news for Azzurri heads as well, Buffon looked good out there guys. Whether he was throwing himself at the ball or at opposing player's feet, Gigi did it without any hesitation tonight. There were a few instances that I could speak highly of here, but the one in particular I should mention was when he came far off his line to intercept a cutting through-ball. You see I love Manninger and all but he's as slow as molasses when it comes to that stuff. Glad to have you back numero uno. So on we go to play Napoli on February 4th. The other quarters are Inter-Roma, Udinese-Sampdoria and Lazio-Torino. Oh yea btw, we had eighteen shots on net.