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Yes, Tiago locked Cobolli in the bathroom

As we've all been discussing, Cobolli confirmed in an interview to Sky Sports that Tiago locked him in the bathroom. As I said in the last post, imagine a video of this, it would be my new favorite Calcio video.

[from Channel4...]
The story had emerged over the last couple of days, but the report only stated that Del Piero had rescued Cobolli Gigli when he was accidentally locked in the bathroom at the club's training ground. Rumours later suggested the 'accident' was in fact a spiteful gesture from Tiago, who was furious at Juventus pushing him to sign for Everton or Monaco. It is reported Cobolli Gigli was locked in for an hour before Del Piero happened to walk past and heard the pleas for help.

“The story of me being locked in the toilet by Tiago is true,” confessed Cobolli Gigli live on Sky Italia television. “It's a shame it got out, as this was something I told a friend in confidence. In any case, Alessandro Del Piero responded to the noise of me punching the door and offered to break it down. “I told him it was better if someone else did it, as he needed to keep his shoulders in good shape for the Fiorentina game.”

- If Tiago showed this kind of determination and ballsiness on the pitch, this wouldn't be happening
- "He needed to keep his shoulders in good shape," that phrase just made me laugh.
- Most news sources think he wants to play in the Champion's League. We set him up with Atletico+Benfica, I don't buy it. He's either holding out for an elite club (doubt it'll happen) or maybe he really wants to win a spot at Juve. He needs to get the fuck out is what he should be doing.
- Cobolli was a boxer in his day. It seems he's already forgiven Tiago for the incident, and good thing because I have no doubt who would win in that fight.
- This happens at another club and it'd throw them into crisis. Somehow this happened and no one, the management, the players, or the people directly involved seem bothered at all by it. Maybe it wasn't as malicious as we're imagining, more a prank born from frustration. Or maybe, everyone just understands Tiago is an idiot and these things happen.
- Tiago's clearly been forgiven, because he's on the Champion's League list instead of Ekdal.

Oh, and this: