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Serie A Offside Meet & Greet

I remember Gianfranco doing a post a while back about how it's funny that for all the argument and discussion on The Offside, we really don't know who we're talking to. I know some of you Juventini, but not as well as I'd like to. So in light of the upcoming season, let's all learn a bit more about each other. Other members of the Serie A Offsides (KJ, MAD, Gianfranco, Daniele, CMP, Romanistas, Interistas, Milanistas, hell even our friends over at the Toro offside, etc.) are encouraged to respond, considering we interact on each others blogs we might as well know who we're talking to!

#1- Where are you from? What nationality are you?
#2- Where are you living now?
#3- What do you do for a living?
#4- How old are you? (If you don't want to answer specifically, a general age frame is fine)
#5- How did you become a fan of the team of your side? When did you start following them?
#6- Who are your 3 favorite players of all time?
#7- Who's your favorite current Juventino? (Non-Juventini have to answer this too!)
#8- Who's your favorite former Juventino?
#9- Favorite national team?
#10- Favorite player never to play for Juve?
#11- Your opinion on the best player of all time?
#12- Favorite Juve moment? Least favorite Juve moment?
#13- Least favorite Juventino of all time?
#14- Favorite kind of music? Any particular movies?
#15- Do you play footy yourself? If so, what position? What other sports do you like?

Add anything else about yourself you feel like....I'm interested to see the responses!