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Trofeo Berlusconi: Juventus v Milan

Two things can happen here tonight. We'll either spank Milan by a handful of goals, or these two pinnacles of Italian football will once again scrap it out for 90 minutes. Either way, you're in for a treat. Let's just hope no one gets injured here, a sentiment I'm sure both fans can agree with. Well, I'm lying. I hope that Seedorf gets it good.

Juventus v Milan

Damn Seedorf and his incredibly sculpted legs. I've said this before but I'll say it again, Clarence Seedorf is the black version of Pavel Nedved. The similarities are striking. On paper they should be retired, but on the pitch they're running like chicken's with their heads cut-off. They both have incredible shots (TIM Trophy ring a bell?), and their touch on the ball is orgasmic. Sadly, there can be only one favorite here. So Clarence until Nedved decides to cut his hair, fuck off.

As for our starting formation we could see a variety of things. In defense Ranieri has only left Zebina behind in Vinovo, so that leaves him with a ton of options. Grygera might or might not see any action tonight after his knock against Artmedia but he'll be available if needed. Really, like Ranieri has always stressed, it comes down to fitness and who needs it more.

In mid, Salihams, Poulsen, Momo, Nedved, Ekdal, and Tiago are making the trip but again it's unclear who'll get the start. Nedved hasn't enjoyed a lot of playing time recently so we very well might see him come on for a bit tonight. Poulsen and Momo did well against Artmedia in the middle together, so Ranieri might give them more time alongside each other to build some chemistry- or not. Salihams is working hard and looking great so he could definitely start. Tiago hasn't impressed yet (what else is new?) and he hasn't seen much playing time thus far so he might get some action, especially if we're trying to off-load him.

The biggest absentees are Iaquinta, Camoranesi, and Trezeguet. All of them have minor injuries that they've picked up recently, however their absence in this one is hopefully only a precautionary measure. That means Amauri gets his start, and with Milan's defensive and goalkeeping woah's I bet he's licking his chomps. ADP and 'the Nappy One' to start up front, and maybe some Primavera action later on.

Referee: Nicola Rizzoli
Streaming: Here