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Dario Knezevic e' Bianconero

When speaking of the obligatory YouTube comp, even for defenders it is mostly goals, be it bullshit or not. Luckily, there is one for Dario Knezevic that primarily shows off his defensive skills. I don't know too much about him, but this vid helps to inform us on our new defender. Except it's a YouTube, and therefore means nothing. I haven't particularly been impressed with Knezevic, and hell, his team just got relegated, but a loan can't hurt, right? He probably won't see too much playing time.

He's on a season-long loan with an option to buy next summer. Best thing about the deal? Beating out the Toro to his signature at the last minute. (more than "best thing" it's a giant warning bell. We're competing with them for defenders?)

Welcome, Dario!