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A Roundup of Serie A, and Del Piero: Class Personified

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You'd expect a man to celebrate wildly after scoring in the end of the last home game of the season as well as the goal that pushed him to joint-capocannoniere with one week left. But that's why Alex Del Piero is class personified. As the commentators mention, he didn't celebrate because he didn't want to insult Catania, who would have been safe had it remained 1-0. A terrific player, and a terrific man.

Other comments-
------> Who says Serie A is boring? With 2 relegation spots remaining, a CL spot up for grabs, and oh yeah, the Scudetto, the last weekend of the league promises to be one of the most entertaining in decades.
------> I, for one, hope Roma wins the title. I dislike Roma quite a bit for reasons I won't get into now, but my hatred for Inter reigns supreme. If they do win, congrats on an improbable title filled with embarrassing screwups.
------> 3rd star next season....who's with me!?
------> Going along with personal preferences, I'd like Fiorentina to get that 4th spot. They may crash and burn in the CL, but frankly I don't care. Amici di nessuno, right? Serie A is my favorite league in the world but that doesn't mean I have to pull for the team. But I digress- Fiorentina deserve it after a great season, Milan do not. And of secondary importance, Milan isn't anointed to play in the CL. Oh yeah, and the Viola might seal it by beating none other than the Toro. Great stuff.
------> My beloved Hornets got destroyed tonight. Please, no comments.
------> Fulhamerica avoided the drop, picking up 4/5 wins in a season where they never won 3 in a row, oh, and their away form was dismal. As a US National fan and of US Soccer in general, great stuff. Bob Bradley is spared the embarrassment of half of his Starting XI playing in a second division.
------> While is writing Vieri's eulogy, why not bother doing it for Materazzi? Terrible form, terrible culminated it alla Rangers for Vieri. Burdisso is still their weak link, but Marco's gotta step it up or Ibra's buddy Chiellini will be taking his spot in the national team soon.
------> No transfer talk for now, but I am excited to see our moves this summer. Disastrous last summer, no doubt. Hopefully Secco listens to Ranieri, which seemingly worked with Sissoko.