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Juventus takes on Pele and Zico this weekend...or other geriatric Brazilians

Well, Sunday sucked. No two words about it, after a slow half, we were sieging Palermo for most of the 2nd and we were very unlucky not to come away with anything.

#1) AC Milan this weekend. I've always loved this fixture, the two greatest Italian sides and for me this is the real competition in Serie A. Before this weekend, I would have said Juventus was going to comfortably win this one. 3-1, 2-0, something like that.'s a little iffier. We played very well at Palermo, no doubt, and it's very encouraging, but Milan rebounded to the kind of form they've been missing all season. SuperPippo scored a brace (he's still scored 11 more goals for Juve than Milan...) and Kaka and Pirlo played well.
Iaquinta looking away

That said, we definitely be looking for another win. We are in good form, and Milan has been suspect all season. The best news for us is their backline- Oddo, Nesta, and Kaladze are all missing this one. This means, according to the friendly people over at the Milan Offsides their backline is going to be Cafu-Maldini-Bonera-Favalli, with Kalac in goal. This is where we are going to win the game. Maldini is world-class, was and still-is, he will be the strong point, but Bonera is suspect at times and Favalli and Cafu, well, no offense Milanistas but they are terrible. Both were once strong defenders but are far past their expiry date. Maybe Serginho will be thrown in, I don't know, take their words over mine. If Del Piero and Trez can rip apart Inter, they can rip across this Milanese defense. Maybe Kalac will make another Dida-esque clanger(1:03), who knows. In the andata, Dida played terrific against us.

Despite their resurgence, I still think our backline can contain them..and our midfield is better, right now. Pirlo is refinding his form but Sissoko has just turned into a freaking beast, Camoranesi is playing the best of his career and Nedved, well, he's not a Ballon d'Or winner for nothing. Oh yeah, and we're at home. Prediction: 2-0.
To borrow from some other Offside writers, here's some other predictions:
Chance Kalac makes Dida proud: 40%.
Chance Del Piero scores: 75%.
Chance Sissoko finally gets the red card he's had coming: 30%.
Chance our squad starts slow and grows into the game: 70%.

An oldie but a goodie. Juventus drew 0-0 at home in the Andata of this season...and then conquered the San Siro.
Things I like about this video-
#1- My favorite Alessio Tacchinardi was in the were legends Zidane, Peruzzi, and Ferrara, if not ADP.
#2- Franco Baresi and Maldini were both in this game also...but on the wrong side.
#3- Arrigo Sacchi's reaction v. Paul Newman, aka God, aka Marcello Lippi. Sitting on the bench rubbing his face in...classic.
#4- Christian Vieri playing for Juve, club #7 out of 230. Seriously, can anyone find me someone who's played for more teams in Italy? (Toni hasn't, I checked)
#5- This game was played 11 years and 1 day ago. Minus purgatory...10 Serie A seasons ago, nearly to the day. (It works!) Let's do it again.
#6- Milan finished in 11th place this season, and Roma finished in 12th. Beautiful.