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The Man of the Season, Alessandro Del Piero

What can you say about Del Piero that hasn't been said already? Not much. He's what we love- a kid from rural Veneto, growing up to be one of the world's greatest. Del Piero's loyalty is beyond question: he unquestionably accepted going to Serie B. For a man who just won the World Cup in the prime of his career, that is truly incredible. He's been written off by the media time and time again, but every time, he comes back even stronger to silence his critics. The all-time appearance and goal leader of the world's greatest club, and much more than that. Recognized by the international media for both his talent and personality, Del Piero is one of the greatest players who ever lived, and will be continued to be known as such years after he hangs up his boots.

alex del piero world cup 2006 the king

He represents everything we love about football: hard work, talent, creativity, intelligence, honesty (not a diver), calm personality, and overall a great human being. Alex is Juventus.

Finally, today, Roberto Donadoni (nearly) guarenteed that Alex will be with us in Switzerland and Austria this summer.

In a dig at the EPL (and England), I might add that he, Pinturrichio, is why I do not want massive foreign investment in Italy, he's a homegrown superstar player. We [Serie A] can compete without paying ridiculous transfer fees, and even if we couldn't, I'd rather have idols like Alex than Champion's League silverware. Some might point out ManUre have many homegrown players, but those days are long gone. There will never be a class of players like Giggs, Scholes, Neville, or Beckham in one English team. Look at some of their players today- Ronaldo, Anderson, Nani, and Hargreaves. I don't like Berlusconi's millions distorting the market, but I respect that there is a class of Milan players who are rossoneri to the core. [Pirlo, Gattuso, Ambrosini, Maldini, etc.]

But I digress. Enjoy two videos, of Alex's stunning goals....and for shits and giggles, his attempt to speak English. And enjoy the fact that he will be playing at Euro2008....and that Wayne Rooney, Frank Lampard, Stevie Gerrard, and Rio Ferdinand will not be.