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Transfer Market Musings- I swear to God this will not become a regular thing

After missing yet another live Juventus game this weekend due to court-mandated university-mandated community service (Thank god it was the last one) I am finally back. And I know there is nothing worse than someone constantly spouting market bullshit (ah, our love-hate relationship with and that's why I promise this will not be a regular thing. But a brief review of this weekend:
Del Piero scores goal #520123

1. Roma confirms all stereotypes we've already knew by drawing last-placed Livorno, again, and hands Inter the title. Thanks for fucking up again, guys.
2. Arsenal and Roma both drop out of league race and Champion's League in the last 2 weeks: See the previous article and wow, was dead-right on something. Totti also drops out due to knee injury, but his doctors think the operation went well. Godspeed Totti, Serie A isn't the same without you.
3. Del Piero+Juve destroyed Atalanta. I was a tad worried, the less-evil Nerazzuri are hot-or-cold as evidenced by this weekend and their win over Milan, and they nearly held us to a goalless draw at home. But thy kingdom Bergamo as it is in Torino.
4. Del Piero is now 3rd in the capocannoniere chart, behind T-rez and Mr. STD, Borriello. Here's hoping to Del Piero and T-rez tying for the crown. (2 players from the same team in the top? Damn we're awesome)

Now, onto the market ramblings. And nothing about Amauri.
======>Mathieu Flamini, as we all know, has refused to sign another contract with Arsenal leading to heavy speculation he's going to quit. He's 23 years old, a defensive midfielder proven in Europe (anyone see him against Milan?) and he would come free. (Yes, yes, and yes.) Secco promised Arsenal he had no intentions to poach him. About a month ago. I'm not sure what the point of that was, because it's obvious we are interested in him and supposedly Secco himself flew out to London a few days ago to talk about it. Blanc thinks we will get him over Milan/Bayern who are also interested, saying that Flamini was a Juventino tifoso as a kid and that we will be in the CL next year, and Milan will not. Who knows. That didn't stop Bayern Munich from doing the best in last years transfer market. (Klose, Toni, Ribery)
======>Iaquinta to Napoli? Iaquinta to Roma? Let's hope this is the usual Gazzetta/Corriere rumors completely unfounded. Iaquinta has been terrific in the time he's given, and well, let's face it, considering Trez/DelPiero are in the top 3 of the scoring charts, it's hard to break into the starting XI. I, for one, hope Iaquinta stays till next season, with a much more fixture-intense and difficult season, we are going to need him. If, God forbid, one of our starting strikers suffers a Totti-esque injury then we'd absolutely need him. It looks inevitable that we're getting Amauri, and with Iaquinta, Amauri, Palladino (I hope) and Giovinco as reserves for up front, our striking forces will be one of the best in Europe.
======>Kewell to Juve? Who?
======>Zambrotta to make a return to Juve? I've always said with Zambrotta on the team, we would have been in serious contention for the Scudetto. Molinaro works his ass off, but he doesn't have the amazing delivery or defensive qualities Gianluca has. One of the elite defenders in the world. It's been almost a sure thing that Milan was going to buy him, but if we can, hell, jump right in. That would add invaluable experience to our back-4 who as good as they have been, are still inexperienced. If we could get both him and Grosso, I'd be incredibly satisfied. I know some tifosi bianconeri think he's a traitor, but here's my case: He spent plenty of years with us, and at least did us the favor of leaving Italy. He blasted Juve a few months ago as having betrayed him, and I don't blame him. How would you feel if all your hard work on the field was thrown away because either you unnecessarily gained influence or didn't bother to defend yourself?
Fabio Grosso
=======>Cudicini to Juve? I haven't read any sources on this, but it looks like good 'ole Carlo is finally ready to gtfo from Chelsea. Most of the sources say he's looking around the Premiership, but hey, maybe we should make a move. I thought Belardi did great when called upon but if it's cheap, well Cudicini was once one of the elite, and he's clearly satisfied with being #2. We do have Mirante at Sampdoria, who I rate highly, but Cudicini is a proven thing and worked with Ranieri back in the day when he was a starter. Why not table a bid, Secco?

I would like us to sell Tiago, Almiron, Andrade, and Molinaro, or another words, all of Secco's purchases last summer. Loan out Nocerino, and keep Criscito out. Bring in Grosso or Zambrotta, Zapata Flamini, Amauri (since it seems certain) and maybe another midfielder and we'll be ok. That is completely doable, Flamini would come free, Zambrotta or Grosso would not be too expensive, and Amauri/Zapata would be offset by our sales. Oh yeah, buy Stendardo too. Next year, this would be our starting XI-
Grygera Legrottaglie Chiellini Zambro/Grosso
Camoranesi Sissoko Flamini Nedved
Del Piero Trez
And subs/reserves:
DF: Mellberg, Zebina, Zapata, Stendardo, Salihamidzic
MF: Zanetti, Giovinco, Salihamidzic, Marchionni, Marchisio, Palladino
FW: Iaquinta, Giovinco, Amauri, Palladino

That's very good depth and capable of challenging on the two fronts we care about. Oh, and RE-SIGN PAVEL.

That is all. Rip it apart however you'd like.