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LiveBlog Juventus v. Parmalat: No, This Isn't Another Amauri Piece

Aright everyone its time you wipe that saliva off the side of your face for our mid-week rescheduled match against Parma. Of course in Zampa's case, he should be wiping something a little more protein concentrated if he hopes to get a chance at landing Il Fenomeno. But back to what matters. La Vecchia Signora takes on Parmalat tonight in what could be described as our lady's very own bone density exam. Yea, our victory against Milan might have left some of us a little worse for wear, but chics dig scars and glory lasts forever blah bla bla. So, join me as we watch Juventus try and cushion that psychedelic bean bag Champions League lead of ours. FORZA RAGAZZI!

LiveBlog Juventus v. Parmalat: No, This Isn’t Another Amauri Piece

1-Should be interesting to see who starts for us in this one. Ranieri has a nice opportunity here to rest some players that received some knocks last week, and give some playing time to others that haven't seen much. Reports suggest Nedved could return so expect a win here. I wouldn't be surprised here if Camoranesi is given a rest seeing as he ran his ass off vs Milan.

1-Buffon, Molinaro, Chiellini, Stendardo, Grygera; Palladino, Camoranesi, Nocerino, Salihamidzic; Del Piero, T-Rez. Here we go!

1-First foul is on Nocerino, ensuing free-kick is meaningless. Nocerino better smarten the fuck up this game or I'll ship him out myself.

2-Palla earns a free-kick on the other end, ohhhh Del Piero bends it and Salihams just deflects it wide... so close

4-Parma has expectedly come to play in this one. Trez feeds it wide on a fast break for Juventus but the ball goes for a corner. Bucci punches it out, and evades some danger.

6-Corradi snaps it on the edge of our box, Buffon did well not to give a rebound.

8-It looks as though these Parma players are still living those 90's rivalry years. After some nice work in Parma's end, Molinaro crosses a nice ball into the box only to T-rez's header sky over the crossbar. Too bad for the Frenchman, I know his momma is pissed.

11-Great play from Del Piero and Juventus as Camoranesi cuts into the Parma 18-yard box with some nice dribbling. Camo is the fucking man for Juventus this season. His set up for Palladino is wasted as the Neapolitan shoots it right at Bucci.

13-Wow Palladino's shoes are fucking ruby red hahaha. Cut him.

14-At the moment, Juve are running the midfield. A goal now would help our cause. God Nocerino gives up the ball again in favour of a more complicated pass FUCK! Why does he always do this, Salihams was wide open in front of him.

16-GGGGOOOOOOOLLLLLL!!! Trezeguet scores the ugliest goal of his career off of a Juventus corner. I think Bucci fucked up for not getting anything on that ball and it fell right to David's feet. Trezeguet didnt even know how to celebrate hahhaa. 1-0 Juventus.

20-Parma's best chance of the night as an unmarked Antonelli walks into our box but foolishly blasts it off target. Any smarter player would have walked it in some more.

21-Ohh Salihams played wide nicely but his cross just misses T-rez. Juventus is playing some incredible football right now. our passes are quick, on target, and as soon as I say that Stendardo gives the ball away. Son of a bitch.

23-Foul on Mariga from a push on behind by Camo. Juve and Parma are exchanging passes at the moment.

26-Mariga with some nice work in the midfield to clear their zone after a failed Juventus free-kick. Looks like he's the only Parma player that's gonna make an impact here tonight.

28-Palla is working well on the left tonight. He sets up Nocerino who has a go at 40 metres ahahah, he gets it on target though which is an achievement in itself for him.

30-GOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! Palladino with a beauty of goal on the left side. Great ball from his right foot and slots it well inside the far post. Wow those ruby red slippers are paying off. He's making his case for some regular time. 2-0 Juventus.

34-Chiellini gets a foul which looked fake, and Falcone gets a yellow for complaining. Well, you know what- no one has ever gotten a ref to change their minds on the pitch. If you bitch enough about anything, you get a yellow. Too bad so sad.

35-Corradi and Mariga still want to play some football. Juventus just moving it around well at the moment. Falcone picks up the ball for being a retard and is probably gonna get another yellow in this one.

41-The game's lookin a little messy at the moment. Passes are being cut out, and offsides are rampant.

43-Molinaro does well to help clear Corradi's efforts as the Parma player had a nice through ball to contest with.

44-Trezeguet is doing really well off of the ball. I like that he runs back and helps support the play towards the flanks. A poacher he is, but not just.

46+Fuck what a through ball from Camoranesi to Grygera. But the Czech has his effort deflected.

47+Chiellini goes down again, but this time after a dirty fist from Fernando Couto. Chiellini is gonna fuck his shit up huge. You do not mess this Chiellini like this, he'll be looking for some revenge. You can see a nice little shiner appearing already. First half ends 2-0 Juventus. Solid play from the Bianconeri thus far.


45-Here we go with the second half! No apparent chances on the sides. Juventus going from right to left.

46-Juventus looking a little sleepy at the moment as Parma are on the end of a few runs into Juventus' half. Corradi is limping off the pitch and Agasparoni comes on for him.

48- Trezeguet does well to keep the ball in, and lays a nice switch to Salihams but his touch is too heavy and he gives up possession. Nothing comes of it though, as both teams are exchanging passes, with Parma enjoying more of the possessoin at the moment.

51-Free-kick for Palladino after Mariga fouls him. Play heads out for a throw as Juventus maintains possession here. Nocerino ends up having a go again outside the box and once more does well to get it low and on target but Bucci holds on to it.

54-Whistle blows as Camo's effort to find Trez are offside. Juventus are picking up the tempo finally as things are beginning to level out here in the second half.

56-Dessena launches to Reginaldo who slids it into Juventus' box but the replay showed that it was offside. Good play from Parma to string together a few nice runs. Juventus has a go at the other end with Trezeguet and ADP having a nice give and go themselves but ADP skies his efforts way above the crossbar on a tight angle.

59-Camoranesi is lucky not to get a yellow card for his foul on Marriga. Ranieri is probably gonna sub Mauro off soon as his playmaker is probably feeling a little tired from playing such a vital role in our midfield for the last couple of games. I'd bring in Tiago. We'll see what happens.

63-Looks like Tiago he's warming up...

64-Nedved and Tiago are coming on for Camoranesi and Del Piero! A great sub by Ranieri if say so myself. Great to see Nedved back. I've missed him so. Perhaps now Palladino will move up alongside Trezeguet as our attacking duo with Nedved on the left and Tiago alongside Nocerino in the middle.

68- Nedved's first touch is a nice ball for Palladino on the left leading his man nicely. Palladino tries to cut it in back to the middle but gets swarmed and plays a tough ball to Trez that's cleared by Parma.

70-Offside for Reginaldo that's kicked by Buffon. Palladinho is trying too many fucking tricks on the left touch line and he gives it up.

72- Oh Nedved would have had a goal on his debut if he had just layed off of the power a bit on a 20 metre ball outside of the Parma's box. The Czech knows he should have done better. Juventus having their way in Parma's half and just passing it around at the moment. Parma make a switch for Rossi (not Jersey boy) in for the captain Falcone who has that yellow.

76-GOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLL!!! Tiago places a strike off of Morrone's forehead. What a goal by the Portugese! hahah It's unintentional but he'll take it i'm sure. 3-0 Juventus. Parma down to ten men.

77-Oh my what drama! Fernando Couto is sent off. I have no idea why he's been sent off just yet.

78-Ranieri makes his third change for Marchionni in for Palladino. Ahahaha Reginaldo gets a yellow for complaining. Wow Parma are not having their day here in Turin. Just over ten minutes to go and Parma fans will be hoping this one isn't blown wider than it already has.

83-I'm not writing a lot right now, I'm just in awe of some nice passing by Juventus. We are really stretching Parma right now which is what you want your team to do with a man advantage. No doubt Ranieri is telling them to olay the ball wider then they've already done thus far.

87-Dossena out Cigarini in. Nedved hasn't lost that beautiful first touch as he takes the ball down nicely who then feeds Tiago. Tiago gets crowded though and play is turned.

90+Buffon steps in to intercept the last play of the game. We move up to 64 points this season as Parma move down just above the relegation zone. A great mid-week performance by the Bianconeri who managed a comfortable win while resting some key players.



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