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Juventus v. AC Milan....the real Derby d'Italia

I was hoping to be liveblogging the game with all of you, but unfortunately to fulfill a public service requirement for university I'm going to be in the middle of bum-fuck bayou country Louisiana from 7am-10pm. I was terrified to see that at normal zoom on GoogleMaps there are no roads within 30-40 miles of where I'm going. I won't be checking/commenting until late tomorrow night, because I'm going to have to watch the game before seeing the result. That said-


Key battles:
Sissoko v. Kaka- I don't know if Ranieri will be generally manmarking Kaka with Sissoko, it depends on where Kaka ends up playing. I'm assuming Kaka and Seedorf will be supporting either Gilardino, or Inzaghi, depending on who Carletto has less faith in. Kaka had a weak season thus far and Sissoko is getting better, but Kaka has been doing well in the last few games.
Slight advantage: Milan.

Juve's defense v. Milan's offense: The bianconeri defense has been pretty good recently, except for Amauri's 2nd, they weren't really at fault for the Palermo goals. Milan's offense has been really poor this year. I have faith in the defense to stand up in big games, as they really have this season.
Advantage: Juve

Buffon v. Kalac- Well, in the andata, Dida played tremendous against us and then made the error of the season a few weeks later against Inter. Here's hoping Kalac doesn't follow Dida in that regard.
Advantage: Juve.

Del Piero+Trez v. Maldini+Bonera: Milan has a makeshift defense for this game, with Nesta, Janks, Oddo, Kaladze, and possibly Favalli out to suspension/injuries. Given the Golden Boy and T-Rez's performance recently, we definitely have the advantage. Bonera's very mediocre but what I have seen reliable, and well Maldini, he needs no introduction. Their center-backs will be steady during the game, if not the defense. I think we'll be better, but I expect a good fight from Paolo and Daniele.
Slight advantage: Juventus

Camoranesi v. Favalli/Serginho/Cafu/Whoever-plays-left-back- This is the part I'm looking forward to. Their fullbacks are old, and while experienced, far past their prime. Camoranesi is playing phenomenally right now, without a doubt one of the top 3 midfielders in Italy. Assuming Ranieri plays Sissoko+Tiago in center instead of moving Camoranesi there, he will have a field day on the wings, along with Del Piero I'm sure.
Advantage: Juventus

Predicted formations: (Who knows, Ranieri might spring an odd one on us)
Juventus: 4-4-2
Grygera Legrottaglie Chiellini Molinaro
Camoranesi Sissoko Tiago Salihamidzic
Del Piero Trezeguet

AC Milan: 4-3-2-1
Cafu Maldini Bonera Favalli
Gattuso Pirlo Ambrosini
Seedorf Kaka

Overall: Juve has been hot-or-cold this season, but much less so than Milan. I don't know what Milan side will show up tomorrow, and it all depends on that. This is a big game for the final standings: Milan desperately needs a win to stay in CL contention (or Uefa cup as it's looking...) and if Juventus wins it looks like we have CL qualification sewed up. If Milan play like they need that 4th spot, it will be a battle. If they play like they have most of the season, tired and uninspired (for the most part, of course) I expect us to cruise to victory. We haven't won this game in Turin in 6-7 years...expect that streak to end.

Prediction: Juventus 2-0 Milan.