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An addition to the Juventus Offside...

Hi all,

I'm Alessio and I've joined with Roberto to write for the Juventus Offside's page. My real name is Aaron, Alessio is a tribute to my favorite player of all time (take a wild guess) so you all have probably seen me post around for quite a while, I'm kind of all over the Italy Offside pages...I've got a lot of free time.

Just a bit about me- I'm Italian-American, thanks to my dad, my mothers side of the family is pretty much WASP. My family is historically from Foggia, in the southeast part of Italy, not far from Bari, the capital of the Apulia region and my families "hometown."
I'm early 20s, from upstate New York, originally, and actively support my hometown soccer team. (USL-1 Rochester Rhinos) Now I live/go to university in New Orleans. I've been a Juventino since birth, for those who don't know, Juventus is extremely popular in southern Italy.
I created the largest Facebook group for Juventus, which has grown and grown to ~8k members. and I'm very excited to be writing for this great community.

edited: I speak Italian not quiet fluently, but closel, from learning from my dad and from taking it in school. I can gladly translate interviews and stuff if you give me a bit of time.