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Live Coverage: Derby della Mole

What: Juventus vs. Torino
When: Tuesday, February 26th 2008.
Where: Stadio Olimpico- Turin, Italy

So for the second time this season we bare witness to one of Italy's most exciting derby's. Well listen it doesn't have the popularity of Juventus-Inter, Inter-Milan, or Roma-Lazio, but to many this is just as important. So here we go as all of Torino will be sitting on the edge of their seat in anticipation for those all important bragging-rights. Boy this should be a good one. Juventus will look to the return of Iaquinta and Buffon to get them back on their winnings ways, while Torino will want to avenge their last-minute loss earlier this season. Expect a close match and lost of swearing on my end. Here we go...

Derby della Mole

Game about to begin... Welcome to live coverage of the derby by way of those crafty Chinese and their internet streaming broadcasts.

Game notes: Trez out, Nocerino available but not starting.

Looks like: Buffon; Zebina, Legro, Chiellini, Molinaro; Palladino, Camo, Sissoko, Nedved; Del Piero, Iaquinta

1'- Good cross by Camo from the right and Iaquinta stretches out by skies it.

2' Oh my, Nedved breaks in on the left near the visitors box, cuts it in and a weak ball into Iaquinta... resulting coner goes right to Torino's keeper.

4' Fast break for Recoba on the counter attack and his centering pass is easily cut out by Molinaro. Great action thus far, the atomsphere is electric.

* Juventus is definitely doing their best to feed Iaquinta... Good idea that.

9' Game continuing on a fast pace. Corner for Torino on a Chiellini clearance... Sissoko heads out of his zone as the Mali International gets his first touch of the game.

11' Good work at team passing from Juve as they bring it up field. Nedved gets fouled and Juve are in a good spot for a FK... ADP steps up... and skies it. He needs to keep those on net.

15' Torino doing well on the left side of the park. Good effort from Sissoko to hustle in and clear the ball on a sliding tackle.

19' Ohh Nedved's chip is too long for ADP as it goes out for a GK. At the moment, Torino can't build anything through the middle of the park.

22' Molinaro fouls as his man gets by him. FK from Recoba is cleared by defense.

24' Oh my! Huge knee to the face of Natali by his own Goalie. Iaquinta in the mix of that as he challenged a loose ball that caused the collision. Natali taken out for now as he gets treated for a cut above his eye.

* Still 0-0 as neither team has enjoyed a descent chance thus far. Good possession from Juventus though.

27' Ohhh ADP's free kick comes clean to Iaquinta who jumps for it and just nods it high of the bar. Best chance of the game thus far. THAT SHOULD HAVE GONE IN IAQUINTA FUCK!

30' Corner for Juventus, cleared by Torino...

31' Ohh Palladino misses a tap-in after a scrum infront of Torino's net. But it appears he would have been offside.

* Game is a little too choppy as the ref is calling a lot of little fouls. It would be nice to have him let the play continue so the teams kind find their respective rythme.

33' Molinaro is playing like shit as his 10 feet by-line pass goes wide of Nedved and out.

35' Sissoko looking very confident as his short-passing is quick, accurate and safe. Juve build a play on the right but refs calls the play dead again as a Torino player goes down.

38' Palladino's cross goes to no one as his far post cross found no one. Juve regain possession and are playing deep in Torino's half. Torino clear the ball but are sitting back and soaking up the pressure as Juve look to get one before the break.

40' Possession 57%-43% at this point.

42' Diana's cross well read by Sissoko as Torino get a corner. Buffon comes out to punch it off his line. No problem for Buffon.

44' Good touch from Recoba as his midfield dribbling earns a FK in a great spot. Can the ex-Inter man bend this in...

45' No the wall does its job as they clear it. The half ends 0-0 as that play was the half's last best effort.

 Half-time Thoughts

Juventus came out and took control for the majority of the half. They managed to create a few chances but nothing came close to Iaquinta's header that just missed the crossbar. Torino ended the second half better than they started the first as they managed a few plays in the middle of the park that saw them win a free-kick and collect 4 shots on Buffon.

Ranieri probably wont make any subsitutions just yet. Everyone is playing well especially Nedved, Camoranesi, Sissoko and Iaquinta.

46' Juventus start the half brilliantlly as Nedved cuts into the box and feeds Palla wide but its cut out by a Torino defender. Fuck that would have been great if they'd scored.

*Diana gets a cramp and is coming off for Torino's second injury of the night... Rosina comes in. He's a threat we need to watch out for that bastard.

48' Chiellini challenges Rosina on a header and splits Rosina's head open. LOL Torino players are dropping like flies on legal challenges from Juve's back line. Rosina might have to get stitches, perhaps they'lll need another sub.

50' Juventus playing well on the left side as Nedved and Chiellini are teaming up for some offensive stuff.

52' Ohhh ADP steps into one with his left almost in the exact position against Reggina but the keeper does well to deflect it out. Resulting corner is cleared by Torino.

54' Zebina has a go with his left but the shot never threatened.

55' Rosina does well to turn Chiellini who as a result gets the game's first yellow. FK for Recoba but the wall again does its job.

56' Palla runs well on the right and tries to cut between two defenders. He gets fouled and Juve have a FK just outside of the box... ADP steps up... and his ball is too deep. A shame.

58' Recoba gets the game's second yellow as he fouls Camoranesi after some quick dribbling by the International.

59' Palladino gets the game's third yellow as he's called for a dive. Too bad as Palla might have been able to maintain possession if he stayed on his feet. Ref made the right call.

62' Juventus still applying the pressure and looking for the go ahead. Nocerino is seen warming up and could come on for Palladino.

62' OH MY!!! A goal by Palladino off of a Nedved deflection is called offside. Replay is shown to be a correct call.

62' Nocerino is then immediately subbed in for Palladino. Torino go on the quick counter but it doesn't amount to anything.

65' Poor challenge on Recoba by Legro. Torino have an FK. Goes nowhere.

66' Close call on the other end for Torino as Juve's corner almost finds Legro's head.

67' Nocerino does well in the middle and is fouled. ADP gets another chance at a FK and has to make this one test the keeper... Steps up... and OH MY DOES HE EVER, MARVELOUS PLACEMENT BUT SAVE OF THE MATCH AND PERHAPS THE SEASON!!!!

69' Juventus really turning it up now. ADP's far post cross misses an out-stretched Iaquinta by a hair's width.

70' Dammit stupid fucking Nocerino gets another yellow card for a fucking horrible dive. His 13th booking this season.

71' Oh my sloppy defending from Juventus as Torino counter quickly and Stalone wins a FK in another great position just above our box. Recoba steps up... Oh no it's Rosina who takes it... AND HE HITS THE CROSSBAR!!

* We really need to tighten things up in defense and start stringing some passes in Torino's end. Nedved and Sissoko have been taken out of this match so far. They need to get back into it.

77' Torino wins a corner but nothing comes of it.

79' Oh Nedved gets a feed from Camo and his shot goes wide right oh goal, the Czech should have tested the goalie.

80' Still 0-0 and the crowd are in good voice. Looks like another sub coming on for Torino. Camoranesi back to Zebina and Juventus win a corner.

81' Recoba is subbed off for Lanna, and the corner for Juventus is cleared.

* Can Juventus win one in the depths of this derby yet again?

83' Oh shit a near post fumble from the goalie's stop on Camo's header- falls to Juventus but we can't find the net close range.

84' Camoranesi caught from behind as his ankle looks to be rolled over... but he gets up and can continue

86' Scrappy play but Juventus come away with it up the field. Nedved runs onto one and Iaquinta's deflects it for a corner off of a Torino player. Another corner but nothing came from it. Jesus.

88' Camoranesi gets fouled and Juve have another FK in a great spot... ADP steps up... and wastes another as he skies it well over the net. Poor.

*Three minutes of injury time called.

93' Oh man Nedved gets a red card!!!! The drama oh my. After Sissoko did well to cut into Torino's box he was then fouled and Juventus got a FK, Nedved pulled some guy's hair right infront of the ref!!!! LOL

*On the replay it shows Nedved getting a hand in face before the foul was commited on Sissoko. Nedved then immediately went up to that son of bitch and pulled his hair... What a fucking bitch he goes down like a fucking cry baby and Nedved will now miss two or three games..... FUCK  Roma's Daniele De Rossi did something like to Nedved but the Czech didn't hit the ground crying foul.

Final Thoughts:

Juventus 0 - Torino 0